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Our ancestors

Herbert Henry and his ancestors.

Herbert Henry and his ancestors.

b: 26 Aug 1871a
m: 1897
d: 27 Jun 1927

Had a Wife and a girlfriend...

The KING's
Clytie's clan.

Clytie's clan.

b: 10 Feb 1891
m: never married
d: 23 Aug 1943

Never married and had 4 children
Norma Gladys KING, 1916-2004
Betty Irene KING, 1921-2010
Douglas Norman KING, 1923-1923
Ian Henry KING, 1926-2001

Lawrence John Roy McWilliam

Lawrence John Roy McWilliam

b: 26 Nov 1894
m: 3 Dec 1919
d: 29 Dec 1972

He married Nesta in Griffith and had 8 Kids.

Nesta Mary Morris JENKINS

Nesta Mary Morris JENKINS

b. 15 Aug 1898
m. 3 Dec 1919
d. 31 Dec 1997

She married Jack in Griffith and had 8 Kids.

Welcome to Country.
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We would like to pay our respects to the Forefathers, Founders and Settlers that developed our baron lands into such great countries that we live in today.


Our Favorite Genealogy Quotes

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Acknowledgement of Country.
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We would like to acknowledge the Diggers that fought to protect us, our Parents and Teachers that taught us our morals and the Scientists and Doctors that got us through COVID (just to name a few).


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