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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1051 F501
WARMAN, Edgar George ANDERSON, Olive Hetty   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1052 F495
WARMAN, Edgar Thomas Pocock PRING, Mary Louisa O-N-D 1883 Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1053 F39
WARMAN, Frank Lucy   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1054 F40
WARMAN, Frank ALLEN, Susannah/Susan 18 Aug 1874 Parish Church, Walton, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1055 F114
WARMAN, Frank WOODWARD, Mary May J-A-S 1930 Yeovil, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1056 F441
WARMAN, Frederick William FOURACRE-JEANS, Alice Maud /Foreaker 1 Oct 1903 Elgin, Ontario, Canada  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1057 F38
WARMAN, Frederick/ Frederic WALTER, Ruth 4 May 1876 Holy Trinity Church, Walton, Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1058 F95
WARMAN, George EVANS, Sarah Catherine J-F-M 1914 Pontypridd Registry District, Glamorgan, Wales, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1059 F29
WARMAN, Harold Wilfred ADDICOTT, Mona Mildred J Dec 1935 Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1060 F94
WARMAN, Harry WYATT, Kathleen 1934 Parish Church, Street, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1061 F37
WARMAN, Henry WILLY, Elizabeth A-M-J 1872 Babcary, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1062 F494
WARMAN, Henry John BAKER, Sarah Ann 1875  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1063 F561
WARMAN, Henry John GREEN, Lillian May A-M-J 1928 Walton,Nr Street, Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1064 F471
WARMAN, Henry John MONTGOMERY, Retta Ann 16 Jul 1931 Meshoffen, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1065 F42
WARMAN, Henry William GREEN, Thirza   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1066 F23
WARMAN, Herbert William BRANSTON, Amelia Rhoda H A-M-J 1929 Wells Registry District,Somerset,England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1067 F24
WARMAN, Herbert William TERRILL, Lily M Jun 1955 Taunton Registry District, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1068 F498
WARMAN, Jeremiah Pocock THOMAS, Naomi 1894  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1069 F34
WARMAN, John KELLY, Charlotte 14 Jul 1812 (After Banns) Walton, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1070 F491
WARMAN, John POCOCK, Harriett 24 Mar 1850 (Banns Date) All Saint's Church, Ashcott, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1071 F1086
WARMAN, John HAYES, Jane 10 Oct 1772 Meare, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1072 F35
WARMAN, John PALMER, Sarah 2 Nov 1805 Walton, Nr Street, Somerset,England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1073 F492
WARMAN, John WEBBER, Jane Cary 18 December 1841 Bridgwater Registry Office, Bridgwater Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1074 F1102
WARMAN, John G    zzzWARMAN family tree 
1075 F41
WARMAN, John George ENGLAND, Mary Ann 1889  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1076 F30
WARMAN, John William BOBBETT, Mary Oct 1857 Street, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1077 F496
WARMAN, Mark Pocock TREBBLE, Emma 9 Jan 1892 Bridgwater St John, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1078 F26
WARMAN, Raymond Terrance BONTOFT, Violet K J-A-S 1951 Bridgewater, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1079 F86
WARMAN, Reginald George BURT, Rosina L A-M-J 1950 Bridgewater, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1080 F31
WARMAN, Sidney Frank WEBBER, Georgina M 1893 Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1081 F78
WARMAN, Thomas CALLEWAY, Sarah /Callaway 4 Jun 1838 Holy Trinity Church,Walton,Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1082 F79
WARMAN, Thomas Mary 1873  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1083 F497
WARMAN, Thomas Pocock HOWE, Ellen 29 Feb 1892 The Independent Chapel Glastonbury  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1084 F32
WARMAN, William DAVIS, Mary 4 Aug 1834 ( By Banns) Holy Trinity Church, Walton, Nr Street, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1085 F36
WARMAN, William Margaret   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1086 F25
WARMAN, William MOOR, Henrietta 1901 Wells, Registry District, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1087 F442
WARMAN, William Charles SEAGER, Florence Ada A-M-J 1908 Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1088 F960
WATERIDGE, R E PURKISS, Caroline   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1089 F727
WEBB, Alfred Frederick THYER, Charlotte   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1090 F305
WEBB, Charlie UNDERWOOD, Mildred Alice O-N-D 1927 Street, Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1091 F303
WEBB, Charlie Mildred Alice /Underwood Dec 1927 Wells, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1092 F987
WEBB, Cyril Wilfred OSTLER, Olive Lilian 1921 Yeovil, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1093 F978
WEBB, George GOLDEN, Caroline Laura 19 Apr 1897 Barwick, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1094 F490
WEBB, Henry Jane   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1095 F275
WEBB, James MORTIMORE, Minnie 25 Oct 1888 Walton,Glastonbury, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1096 F137
WEBB, John BENNETT, Grace 25 May 1818 Piccadilly St James, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1097 F276
WEBB, Leslie James MARTIN, Annie L Jun 1922 Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1098 F87
WEBB, Richard WARMAN, Sarah Anne 16 Apr 1857 Wincanton Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1099 F979
WEBB, Silas LEWIS, Maud Mary 1883  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1100 F44
WEBBER, George BOBBETT, Susan   zzzWARMAN family tree 

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