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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1151 F877
WILLIS, Sidney George PARRY, Maud Mary 08 May 1893 Christ Church Barton Hill, Bristol, Gloucester, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1152 F1040
WILSON, Christopher George TROTT, Emma Elizabeth 29 Nov 1914 Christ Church, Poplar Registry District, London, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1153 F1041
WILSON, Christopher Hiller Mary Ann   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1154 F1191
WINDMILL, George    zzzWARMAN family tree 
1155 F900
WISEMAN, Walter PUDDY, Minnie 27 Nov 1902 Bell, Texas, USA  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1156 F1188
WITCOMB, James    zzzWARMAN family tree 
1157 F524
WITCOMBE, John WITHEY, Mary   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1158 F523
WITCOMBE, Thomas COGGEN, Emily 2 Feb 1869 (after banns) Parish Church,Compton Dundon,Langport Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1159 F458
WITHERS, Albert Edward WARMAN, Edith Emma 1904 Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1160 F756
WITHERS, Thomas WITHERS, Ann   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1161 F160
WITHERS, Thomas BUTCHER, Emily Dec 1854 Yeovil, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1162 F356
WITHNALL, John Elizabeth   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1163 F310
WOOD, Charles Ellen   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1164 F106
WOOD, Charles George Gordon WILKINSON, Bertha 1909 Bucklow, Cheshire, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1165 F104
WOOD, Herbert WARMAN, Lily   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1166 F105
WOOD, Herbert ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth Alice 5th October 1881 Manchester. Lancashire. England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1167 F107
WOOD, Richd Mills WAKEFIELD, Ann Mary   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1168 F159
WOOD, William Charles BADMAN, Hilda July 1908 Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1169 F238
WOODRIDGE, Clifford Edwin GOVIER, Amy Beatrice J-F-M 1921 Pontypridd Registry District,Glamorganshire,Wales.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1170 F239
WOODRIDGE, James DUDDERIDGE, Jane   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1171 F241
WOODRIDGE, Kenneth Clifford VAN RYNEN, Bertha   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1172 F1002
WOODS, Henry Charles BURT, Louisa J-F-M 1899 Yeovil, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1173 F1001
WOODS, Mark HAWKINS, Hannah Pitman 26 Sep 1865 Barwick, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1174 F484
WOODWARD, Edmund Ernest Ada Anna 1909  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1175 F1028
WORTHY, Charles WORTHY, Eliza   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1176 F1025
WORTHY, Charles Trott Rosa   zzzWARMAN family tree 
1177 F1026
WORTHY, George Trott SHAIL, Jane 1895 Bradfield, Berkshire, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1178 F1027
WORTHY, William Methuselah TROTT, Eliza 30 Apr 1861 (Banns Dates 31/3 & 7/4 & 14/4) Parish Church Drayton, Langport Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1179 F485
WYATT, Frank Talbot ABREY, Kate Curtin July 1912 Maidenhead, Berkshire, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1180 F1168
YARD, Frederic John Lister    zzzWARMAN family tree 
1181 F612
YARD, Frederic John Lister POCOCK, Charlotte 24 Apr 1848 Ashcott, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1182 F1167
YARD, John    zzzWARMAN family tree 
1183 F307
YERBURY, Isaac BADMAN, Kate July 1900 Wells, Somerset  zzzWARMAN family tree 
1184 F1204
YORKE, John    zzzWARMAN family tree 

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