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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
201 F790
CHINNOCK, George ASHFORD, Elizabeth 17 Mar 1859 St Mary Magdalene Church,Ditcheat, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
202 F810
CHINNOCK, James CHINNOCK, Elinor Abt. 1848 Bloomfield, Trumbull, Ohio, USA.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
203 F808
CHINNOCK, William BUCKLAND, Mary /Hobbs/Chinnock 05/Jan/1818 St Mary Magdalene Church,Ditcheat, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
204 F1109
CHIVERS, John    zzzWARMAN family tree 
205 F218
CHIVERS, William CHIVERS, Elizabeth 24 Aug 1869 Meare, Somerset, England..  zzzWARMAN family tree 
206 F707
CHRISTOPHER, Arthur John MILLS, Florence Beatrice 1906 Street, Wells Registry District, Somerset,England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
207 F896
CLARKE, James MARSHALL, Maria 14 Apr 1840 Wedmore, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
208 F916
CLUNEY, Craig HIGGINS, Christine Sharon   zzzWARMAN family tree 
209 F522
COGGEN, William Mary Ann   zzzWARMAN family tree 
210 F1136
COLBORNE, Cornelius    zzzWARMAN family tree 
211 F366
COLBORNE, Cornelius BUXTON, Flora 5 Jun 1911 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
212 F603
COLEMAN, Richard COLEMAN, Sarah   zzzWARMAN family tree 
213 F871
COLES, John CRANE, Elizabeth 14 Feb 1781 Wedmore, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
214 F864
COLES, John RAINES, Lucinda 18/11/1829 St Nicholas, Bristol, Gloucester, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
215 F183
COLLARD, Arthur Edward HERMAN, Marion Elizabeth 18 Apr 1927 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada  zzzWARMAN family tree 
216 F178
COLLARD, Charles Morley HARRINGTON, Aletha Maud 23 Sep 1911 Lanark, Ontario, Canada  zzzWARMAN family tree 
217 F176
COLLARD, Ernest MARTIN, Margaret Anna 21/08/1909 Northumberland East, Ontario, Canada  zzzWARMAN family tree 
218 F152
COLLARD, Samuel UNDERWOOD, Angel/ Angelina 13 Nov 1876 Parish Church, Street, Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
219 F179
COLLARD, Samuel GREENBURY, Charlotte 29 Sep 1928 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada  zzzWARMAN family tree 
220 F175
COLLARD, William WEBB, Eliza 12 May 1844 Crewkerne, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
221 F177
COLLARD, William BAKER, Eliza 15 Aug 1903 Street, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
222 F457
COLLINS, Edwin George WARMAN, Mary Emma Davis 25 Aug 1877 Holy Trinity Church, Walton, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
223 F397
COLLINS, Francis Frederick STONE, Anna Maria Margaret 1886  zzzWARMAN family tree 
224 F380
COLLINS, John THOMAS, Susan 03/04/1815 Holy Trinity Church,Walton,Nr Street, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
225 F430
COLLINS, Thomas YARD, Mary   zzzWARMAN family tree 
226 F395
COLLINS, Thomas YARD, Mary 03 May 1845 Ashcott, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
227 F381
COLLINS, William HULL, Elizabeth 1 Jan 1773 Walton, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
228 F428
COLLINS, William George RUSSELL, Elizabeth Emily 25 Oct 1910 North Pickenham, Norfolk, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
229 F394
COLLINS, William James STONE, Elizabeth Ann   zzzWARMAN family tree 
230 F427
COLLINS, William James STONE, Elizabeth Ann J-A-S 1878 Bridgewater, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
231 F694
COOK, Frederick James HUCKER, Ellen 21 Oct 1886 St Mary's Church,Shapwick, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
232 F1186
COOK, James    zzzWARMAN family tree 
233 F968
COOMBES, Herbert FRY, Edith Jane J-F-M 1921 Bridgewater, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
234 F972
COOMBES, Mark Warry BADMAN, Martha 19 Mar 1864 Catcott, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
235 F966
COOMBES, Thomas WEBB, Lavinia Amelia (Bessie) 1886 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
236 F969
COOMBS, Mark Warry HOOPER, Gillian F O-N-D 1960 Bridgewater, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
237 F306
CORNISH, Bob NICHOLLS, Alice Kate   zzzWARMAN family tree 
238 F1122
COX, Alonzo    zzzWARMAN family tree 
239 F325
COX, Alonzo CLOSE, Sarah Jane 25/12/ 1884 Glastonbury St John and St Benedict, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
240 F352
COX, Douglas H WHIPPEY, Nora Minnie Sep 1939 Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
241 F326
COX, Henry ANDREWS, Eliza 21 Aug 1849 Wells, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
242 F1185
COX, John    zzzWARMAN family tree 
243 F327
COX, William SCOTT, Ann 13 Oct 1819 Glastonbury St John and St Benedict, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
244 F1088
CRAGIE HAWKINS, Ethel May   zzzWARMAN family tree 
245 F685
CROSSMAN, Albert HUCKER, Annie Louisa 1914 Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
246 F684
CROSSMAN, Henry Maria   zzzWARMAN family tree 
247 F686
CROSSMAN, Henry Maria   zzzWARMAN family tree 
248 F862
CUFF, John RAINES, Martha Phelps 08 Apr 1819  zzzWARMAN family tree 
249 F640
CULLIFORD, John A HOWE, Ivy Irene J-A-S 1924 Wells Registry District,Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
250 F102
CURBISHLEY, Joseph H WARMAN, Annie M O-N-D 1939 Bucklow Registry District, Cheshire, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 

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