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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
51 F1044
APPLEBY, Charles WORTHY, Emma   zzzWARMAN family tree 
52 F111
ARMSTRONG, John WHEATER, Sarah Ann 4 January 1859 The Cathedral Church. Manchester. Lancs. England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
53 F844
ARSCOTT, John HIGGINS, Annie   zzzWARMAN family tree 
54 F757
ARTHUR, Alexander BARNES, Ada Catherine 1893 Rurhi, Bengal, India  zzzWARMAN family tree 
55 F936
ARTHUR, Alexander J W HESSEY, Gladys Winifred Dec 1922 Amesbury, Wiltshire, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
56 F940
ARTHUR, Alexander James FORMAN, Doris May Sep 1949 Windsor Registry District, Berkshire, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
57 F938
ARTHUR, Frederick George Alice   zzzWARMAN family tree 
58 F937
ARTHUR, Victor H STILLWELL, Elsa May Oct 1919 Ormskirk, Lancashire, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
59 F783
ASHFORD, James BUCKLAND, Charity 23 Aug 1829 (By Banns) St Mary Magdalene Church,Ditcheat, Somerset, England,  zzzWARMAN family tree 
60 F1213
ASHFORD, Joseph    zzzWARMAN family tree 
61 F785
ASHFORD, Joseph PESTER, Edith 07 Jun 1802 Ditcheat, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
62 F761
ASHFORD, Joseph HIGGINS, Jane 31 Aug 1873 Merthyr Tydfil  zzzWARMAN family tree 
63 F811
ASHFORD, William CHINNOCK, Emily Anne 28 May 1849 Parish Church Ditcheat, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
64 F928
ATTWELL FOOKS, Violet Emily   zzzWARMAN family tree 
65 F927
ATTWELL, Richard Woodford NEALE, Thelma Anita Mary May 1985 Mendip Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
66 F1161
ATWELL, George    zzzWARMAN family tree 
67 F231
ATWELL, Joseph WHIPPY, Anne 8 Dec 1857 Street, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
68 F588
ATWELL, Richard ATWELL, Ann   zzzWARMAN family tree 
69 F1205
BABER, Charles    zzzWARMAN family tree 
70 F782
BABER, Edgar Charles ASHFORD, Mary Anne 22 Jan 1912 (After Banns) Parish Church Pylle,Nr Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
71 F71
BACON, Adolphus LINHAM, Susanna 1901  zzzWARMAN family tree 
72 F72
BACON, Arthur BOBBETT, Elizabeth Ann 03/04/1877 St John's Church, Glastonbury,Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
73 F158
BADMAN, Arthur James KIERL, Alice Maud  Long Sutton, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
74 F154
BADMAN, Eli WEST, Elizabeth 11 Sep 1847 Glastonbury, Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
75 F257
BADMAN, Frank UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth Ann 5 Mar 1870 Street, Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
76 F151
BADMAN, Frank UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth Ann 5 Mar 1870 Street, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
77 F156
BADMAN, George WITHERS, Louisa 1891  zzzWARMAN family tree 
78 F256
BADMAN, Harry MOORE, Kate 03/10/1898 Parish Church, Street, Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
79 F157
BADMAN, Harry MOORE, Kate 3 Oct 1898 Street, Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
80 F155
BADMAN, John COLES, Dorothy (Sophia) 24 Dec 1818 Clifton, Gloucestershire, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
81 F1225
BAILEY, Robert    zzzWARMAN family tree 
82 F503
BAKER, Benjamin Mary Ann   zzzWARMAN family tree 
83 F502
BAKER, Benjamin DAVIS, Mary Ann 23 Feb 1852 Meare, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
84 F1148
BAKER, George    zzzWARMAN family tree 
85 F1112
BAKER, Harry    zzzWARMAN family tree 
86 F529
BAKER, Joseph WALL, Hannah   zzzWARMAN family tree 
87 F661
BALDWIN, Michael John LINHAM, Betty Gwendoline   zzzWARMAN family tree 
88 F198
BALL, William BURRIDGE, Jane Sep 1894 Street, Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
89 F411
BARNARD, Clarence Jesse BURT, Dorothy May Mar 1935 Colchester Registry District, Essex, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
90 F922
BARNES, Robert HODGE, Maria   zzzWARMAN family tree 
91 F758
BARNES, William ROBERTS, Ellen 1874  zzzWARMAN family tree 
92 F759
BARNES, William George DAVIES, Elizabeth Ann Gertrude 31/08/1911 St Mary, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales  zzzWARMAN family tree 
93 F699
BARNETT, William HUCKER, Anna Sep 1862 Bridgwater, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
94 F161
BARRETT, Jerome ASHFORD, Elizabeth 12/05/1831 West Lydford, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
95 F162
BARRETT, William HANNAM, Elizabeth 14 April 1789 West Lydford, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
96 F698
BARTLETT, James GREGORY, Susannah   zzzWARMAN family tree 
97 F263
BATTERSHALL, Robert Henry BATTERSHALL, Sarah /Whippey/Read J-A-S 1904 Weymouth Registry District,Dorset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 
98 F1075
BEALE, Thomas HIGGINS, Elizabeth 12 Jun 1859 Pylle, Somerset, England  zzzWARMAN family tree 
99 F328
BEST, George Martha   zzzWARMAN family tree 
100 F278
BEST, William SWEET, Rachel 1875 Wells Registry District, Somerset, England.  zzzWARMAN family tree 

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