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Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia


City/Town : Latitude: -37.8201478, Longitude: 145.0358004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEDFORD, William Leslie  1892Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I11911 We 4 Kings 
2 BRADFORD, Arthur William  1901Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9519 We 4 Kings 
3 BRADFORD, Cyril James  1909Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9623 We 4 Kings 
4 BRADFORD, Edith May  1899Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9520 We 4 Kings 
5 BRADFORD, Herbert Lawrence  1895Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I3841 We 4 Kings 
6 BRADFORD, Hilda Beatrice  1903Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9518 We 4 Kings 
7 BRADFORD, Lillian  1892Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I3840 We 4 Kings 
8 BURTON, Albert Edward  1898Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9515 We 4 Kings 
9 COWLING, Lena Merle Dexter  26 Mar 1906Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I8862 We 4 Kings 
10 CROMPTON, Daisy Myrtle  15 Jun 1897Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I927 We 4 Kings 
11 DADDO, Howard William Beilby  23 Sep 1905Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I8893 We 4 Kings 
12 GALLEY, Ethel Jane  1892Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4354 We 4 Kings 
13 GALLEY, George  1894Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4355 We 4 Kings 
14 GALLEY, John Samuel  1890Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4353 We 4 Kings 
15 GALLEY, Myrtle May  1902Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4352 We 4 Kings 
16 GALLEY, Roy Leslie  1907Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4348 We 4 Kings 
17 GILES, Dorothy Olive  16 Feb 1916Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9510 We 4 Kings 
18 HAYDON, Arthur Cecil  22 Aug 1902Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2711 We 4 Kings 
19 HAYDON, Elsie May  23 Nov 1906Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2712 We 4 Kings 
20 HAYDON, Robert Victor  22 May 1898Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2710 We 4 Kings 
21 HAYDON, Sydney Ernest  1893Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2714 We 4 Kings 
22 HAYDON, Sydney Robert Walter  1916Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4729 We 4 Kings 
23 HAYDON, Violet Lavinia  10 Jan 1897Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2708 We 4 Kings 
24 HAYDON, William Sinclair  16 Apr 1895Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2707 We 4 Kings 
25 HENDERSON, Alan Dudley  1894Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9242 We 4 Kings 
26 HENDERSON, Jessie Lynette  1908Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9227 We 4 Kings 
27 HENDERSON, Kenneth Thorne  1892Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9240 We 4 Kings 
28 HENDERSON, Melanie Jean  1901Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9244 We 4 Kings 
29 HENDERSON, Rupert Howard  1893Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9241 We 4 Kings 
30 HENDERSON, Wilton Standish  1897Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9243 We 4 Kings 
31 HUMPHRIS, Ernest Albert  1900Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4340 We 4 Kings 
32 HUMPHRIS, Evangeline  1899Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4339 We 4 Kings 
33 HUMPHRIS, Henry Edmund  1897Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4338 We 4 Kings 
34 HUMPHRIS, Walter George  1896Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4337 We 4 Kings 
35 KING, Reginald  1888Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I5566 We 4 Kings 
36 KING, Winifred Mary  1889Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I5568 We 4 Kings 
37 KITCHEN, Agnes Maria  1877Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I5590 We 4 Kings 
38 McARTHUR, Daphne May  1912Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2417 We 4 Kings 
39 McARTHUR, Eileen May  1910Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2416 We 4 Kings 
40 MILLER, Robert George Stoddard  25 Jan 1903Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4940 We 4 Kings 
41 NEEP, Norman William  1897Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I11706 We 4 Kings 
42 RICHARDSON, Joseph Frederick  1894Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I7973 We 4 Kings 
43 SILK, Doris Jane  1903Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2508 We 4 Kings 
44 SILK, Edith Rebecca May  1888Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2505 We 4 Kings 
45 SILK, Edmund William  1858Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I176 We 4 Kings 
46 SILK, Edward Richard  1883Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2342 We 4 Kings 
47 SILK, Edwin Percy Ayer  1876Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I174 We 4 Kings 
48 SILK, Elizabeth Ruth  1865Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I175 We 4 Kings 
49 SILK, Gertrude Olive  1890Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2506 We 4 Kings 
50 SILK, Herbert Henry  1905Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2509 We 4 Kings 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAGLIN, Jane  6 May 1923Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2281 We 4 Kings 
2 BAGLIN, Joseph Samuel  1952Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I6798 We 4 Kings 
3 BORE, Lucy  1894Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I10424 We 4 Kings 
4 BRADFORD, Albert Edward  1899Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I3834 We 4 Kings 
5 CARTER, Charles Walter  1952Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I1677 We 4 Kings 
6 CORKE, Cath  1922Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4350 We 4 Kings 
7 CROMPTON, Alfred Ernest  1894Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I925 We 4 Kings 
8 EARTHY, Jane  14 Aug 1910Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I1706 We 4 Kings 
9 GALLEY, George  1895Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4355 We 4 Kings 
10 GILES, Dorothy Olive  2 Jan 1970Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9510 We 4 Kings 
11 HALL, Mary Letitia  1930Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I11808 We 4 Kings 
12 HAYDON, Violet Lavinia  1985Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2708 We 4 Kings 
13 HUNTER, William  24 May 1894Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I9907 We 4 Kings 
14 KERR, Jane Edmonds  1932Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4425 We 4 Kings 
15 KERR, Robert Thomas  1922Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I4424 We 4 Kings 
16 KING, Miriam Walkington  Abt 1945Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I5025 We 4 Kings 
17 LOVE, Ernest Ferens  1952Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I11611 We 4 Kings 
18 LOWE, Alfred  14 Mar 1882Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I10056 We 4 Kings 
19 McCONNELL, Frances  1925Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I1669 We 4 Kings 
20 O'ROURKE, Helen .  25 Jun 1929Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I288 We 4 Kings 
21 REEVE, Lucy  9 Jul 1894Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I5582 We 4 Kings 
22 RICHARDSON, Jane  29 Jan 1928Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I6861 We 4 Kings 
23 ROBB, Leticia  1917Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2337 We 4 Kings 
24 SILK, Elizabeth Ruth  5 Mar 1867Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I175 We 4 Kings 
25 SILK, Gertrude Olive  1905Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2506 We 4 Kings 
26 SILK, Henry Edgar Earthy  1942Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I764 We 4 Kings 
27 SILK, Letitia Roxburg  27 Jul 1860Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I173 We 4 Kings 
28 SILK, Robert Miller  1912Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I1705 We 4 Kings 
29 SILK, Stanley George  1898Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2340 We 4 Kings 
30 SIMPSON, Sarah Ann  21 Aug 1908Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I10650 We 4 Kings 
31 TREHEARN, William  1900Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I3453 We 4 Kings 
32 WILSON, Isla Agnes May  22 Sep 1926Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I3809 We 4 Kings 
33 WILSON, Liln May  1898Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I2401 We 4 Kings 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 CROMPTON, Iris Marie .  Abt 1939Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I17 We 4 Kings 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID   Tree 
1 WILDING, Mary Emma .  12 May 1971Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I19 We 4 Kings 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FRYER / PIGDON  1904Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F1635 We 4 Kings 
2 SILK / WILSON  22 Apr 1907Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F676 We 4 Kings 

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