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Richmond, Victoria, Australia


City/Town : Latitude: -37.8186350, Longitude: 145.0014704


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURTON, Alex William  1903Richmond, Victoria, Australia I9514 We 4 Kings 
2 BURTON, Alfred Edward Holding  Abt 1873Richmond, Victoria, Australia I9512 We 4 Kings 
3 BURTON, Hector Clarence  1900Richmond, Victoria, Australia I9516 We 4 Kings 
4 BURTON, Raymond Stanley  1905Richmond, Victoria, Australia I9513 We 4 Kings 
5 CROMPTON, Annie Lavinia  1882Richmond, Victoria, Australia I1708 We 4 Kings 
6 CROMPTON, Eliza  1857Richmond, Victoria, Australia I920 We 4 Kings 
7 CROMPTON, Elizabeth  1854Richmond, Victoria, Australia I919 We 4 Kings 
8 CROMPTON, Thomas John .  Abt 21 Jun 1893Richmond, Victoria, Australia I18 We 4 Kings 
9 CROMPTON, Violet Maud  Apr 1889Richmond, Victoria, Australia I924 We 4 Kings 
10 DEAN, Vernon Hall  Abt 1883Richmond, Victoria, Australia I11712 We 4 Kings 
11 FORBES, Jane McFarlane  1848Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4788 We 4 Kings 
12 GREEN, William Benjamine  1899Richmond, Victoria, Australia I198 We 4 Kings 
13 HALL, Harrie Harold  8 Oct 1875Richmond, Victoria, Australia I11807 We 4 Kings 
14 HALL, Linda Ellen  31 Oct 1908Richmond, Victoria, Australia I7977 We 4 Kings 
15 HAYDON, Walter Edward Jnr  20 Feb 1892Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2706 We 4 Kings 
16 HOARE, Alice Martha  7 Feb 1914Richmond, Victoria, Australia I9468 We 4 Kings 
17 HOWES, Charles  Abt 1835Richmond, Victoria, Australia I10856 We 4 Kings 
18 JACKSON, Alwyn Alfred Mervyn  1913Richmond, Victoria, Australia I1788 We 4 Kings 
19 LARKIN, Mabel Dorcas Annie  Abt Sep 1882Richmond, Victoria, Australia I987 We 4 Kings 
20 LUNN, Benjamin Frederick  1905Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2760 We 4 Kings 
21 LUNN, Charles Embley  1914Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2766 We 4 Kings 
22 LUNN, Coral May  1907Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2761 We 4 Kings 
23 LUNN, Hollie Victoria  1911Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2762 We 4 Kings 
24 McARTHUR, Daphne May  1903Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2415 We 4 Kings 
25 McARTHUR, Elsie Myrtle  1900Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2414 We 4 Kings 
26 MCCALL, Andrew Shaw  17 Mar 1916Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4909 We 4 Kings 
27 MCCALL, James Imrie  6 Sep 1917Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4910 We 4 Kings 
28 MCLEOD, Adeline Dorothy Lillian  1919Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2614 We 4 Kings 
29 MORRIS, Edith Grace  1900Richmond, Victoria, Australia I692 We 4 Kings 
30 PAYETTE, Florence Kathleen Josina  1903Richmond, Victoria, Australia I11174 We 4 Kings 
31 RAYMOND, Adelaide Alice  1899Richmond, Victoria, Australia I3930 We 4 Kings 
32 RAYMOND, Frederick John  1877Richmond, Victoria, Australia I8281 We 4 Kings 
33 RAYMOND, Sarah Maria  1859Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2784 We 4 Kings 
34 RICHARDSON, Doris Lucy  9 Apr 1902Richmond, Victoria, Australia I8939 We 4 Kings 
35 SHARP, Henry William  14 Mar 1913Richmond, Victoria, Australia I9467 We 4 Kings 
36 STEEL, Maurice  1860Richmond, Victoria, Australia I6030 We 4 Kings 
37 SWANSON, Florence May  1879Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4724 We 4 Kings 
38 THOMPSON, Annie Amelia  1879Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2016 We 4 Kings 
39 THOMPSON, Elizabeth Mary  1885Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4697 We 4 Kings 
40 THOMPSON, Emily Clara  1882Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4696 We 4 Kings 
41 THOMPSON, John Charles  1884Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4690 We 4 Kings 
42 THOMPSON, Lewis Mayo  1887Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4691 We 4 Kings 
43 THOMPSON, Thomas Hassall  1878Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4695 We 4 Kings 
44 WHITEHEAD, Charles  1862Richmond, Victoria, Australia I11652 We 4 Kings 
45 WILDING, Ivan Robert  1918Richmond, Victoria, Australia I77 We 4 Kings 
46 WILSON, George Frederick  1883Richmond, Victoria, Australia I1632 We 4 Kings 
47 WILSON, May  1880Richmond, Victoria, Australia I1631 We 4 Kings 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CROMPTON, John Charles  20 Dec 1890Richmond, Victoria, Australia I914 We 4 Kings 
2 CROMPTON, Robert John  Jul 1884Richmond, Victoria, Australia I915 We 4 Kings 
3 CROMPTON, Violet Maud  Apr 1889Richmond, Victoria, Australia I924 We 4 Kings 
4 FORBES, William George  28 Oct 1936Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4754 We 4 Kings 
5 HALL, James George  4 Aug 1917Richmond, Victoria, Australia I6767 We 4 Kings 
6 HALL, Joseph John  1949Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4044 We 4 Kings 
7 JACKSON, Alfred Henry  1957Richmond, Victoria, Australia I946 We 4 Kings 
8 JACKSON, Mabel Sylvia  1937Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4573 We 4 Kings 
9 JACKSON, Ruby Lilian Perl  1936Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2380 We 4 Kings 
10 KING, William James  1952Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2564 We 4 Kings 
11 LARKIN, Edward Bernard  23 Dec 1883Richmond, Victoria, Australia I168 We 4 Kings 
12 LUNN, Coral May  1907Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2761 We 4 Kings 
13 McARTHUR, Daphne May  1903Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2415 We 4 Kings 
14 MILLER, Samuel Henderson  28 Oct 1927Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4935 We 4 Kings 
15 PHILLIPS, Ewart Lenton  16 Jan 1954Richmond, Victoria, Australia I1761 We 4 Kings 
16 RAYMOND, Rosa Ethel  1895Richmond, Victoria, Australia I3928 We 4 Kings 
17 RAYMOND, Sarah Maria  1860Richmond, Victoria, Australia I2784 We 4 Kings 
18 SANDERCOCK, Charles  27 Jul 2003Richmond, Victoria, Australia I10660 We 4 Kings 
19 SHEARER, Keith McIntyre  10 Oct 1953Richmond, Victoria, Australia  I10664 We 4 Kings 
20 STEEL, Mary  31 Oct 1932Richmond, Victoria, Australia I3710 We 4 Kings 
21 STEEL, Maurice  1867Richmond, Victoria, Australia I6030 We 4 Kings 
22 STEGGALL, Ebenezer  1932Richmond, Victoria, Australia I1824 We 4 Kings 
23 THOMPSON, Elizabeth Mary  1886Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4697 We 4 Kings 
24 THOMPSON, Thomas Hassall  1879Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4695 We 4 Kings 
25 WHITBOURN, Lily Ethel  20 Dec 1966Richmond, Victoria, Australia I5117 We 4 Kings 
26 WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth  1950Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4930 We 4 Kings 
27 WILLIAMSON, James Anderson  1 Dec 1920Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4926 We 4 Kings 
28 WILSON, George Frederick  1883Richmond, Victoria, Australia I1632 We 4 Kings 
29 YOUNG, John Beall  Abt 1938Richmond, Victoria, Australia I5026 We 4 Kings 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Election    Person ID   Tree 
1 MCCALL, Andrew Shaw  Apr 1909Richmond, Victoria, Australia I4905 We 4 Kings 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HALL / CROMPTON  1904Richmond, Victoria, Australia F1441 We 4 Kings 
2 LARKIN / CROMPTON  1881Richmond, Victoria, Australia F106 We 4 Kings 
3 LUNN / WILSON  1904Richmond, Victoria, Australia F1024 We 4 Kings 
4 WHITEHEAD / HALL  1909Richmond, Victoria, Australia F3508 We 4 Kings 

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