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Birmingham, Warwickshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 52.47846112900016, Longitude: -1.892995834350586


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLDERS, Ann  1840Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7208
2 ALLDERS, Elizabeth  1832Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7205
3 ALLDERS, Emma  1850Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7210
4 ALLDERS, Julia  1840Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7209
5 ALLITT, Olive Louisa Bazley  10 Sep 1914Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1544
6 ARROWSMITH, Emily  1868Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2826
7 BAKER, Alice Ada Jane  27 Dec 1882Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1745
8 BAKER, Alice Emily  Abt 1899Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2835
9 BAKER, Charles Edwin  Oct, Nov, Dec 1868Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I958
10 BAKER, Charlie  Abt 1902Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2839
11 BAKER, Clara Eliza  19 Jan 1871Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I959
12 BAKER, Doris  Abt 1893Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2828
13 BAKER, Ernest Joseph  Abt 1892Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2825
14 BAKER, Ernest Thomas  15 Apr 1881Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1744
15 BAKER, Frederick James  Abt 1895Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2834
16 BAKER, Henry Walter  Abt 1908Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2840
17 BAKER, John Edward  21 Sep 1878Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I961
18 BAKER, Rosa  2 Dec 1893Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I802
19 BAKER, Walter Joseph  25 Mar 1876Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I960
20 BAKER, William Charles  Abt 1891Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2823
21 BAKER, William Frederick  Oct, Nov, Dec 1866Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I957
22 BRITTAIN, David  3 Aug 1891Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2806
23 BRITTAIN, David Charles  2 Mar 1930Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7438
24 BRITTAIN, Ellen  Q3 1893Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2836
25 BRITTAIN, Fred  15 Jan 1911Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2830
26 BRITTAIN, Lily  Q3 1899Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2838
27 BRITTAIN, Lily  22 Jul 1924Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7437
28 BRITTAIN, Margaret Elsie  22 Dec 1919Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7436
29 BRITTAIN, Rosa  14 Aug 1908Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2827
30 JONES, Jane Frances .  Jul, Aug, Sep 1844Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I402
31 KNOX, Evelyn Gladys  1900Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I6109
32 KNOX, Nellie  1893Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I6108
33 NUTTING, George William  Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3975
34 ROBERTS, Kate  13 Nov 1894Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7434
35 SHADDOCK, Mary  Q3 1857Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9107
36 SMALLWOOD, Mary .  Abt 1790Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3693
37 STANLEY, Emily Eliza  Abt 1881Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2804
38 STANLEY, Helen  Abt 1876Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I4559
39 TERRY, Barbara  Jan/Feb/Mar 1937Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I5079
40 TERRY, Barry D  Oct/Nov/Dec 1941Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I5080
41 TERRY, John Joseph .  Abt 1788Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3474
42 TERRY, Roland W  Apr/May/Jun 1933Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I5078
43 WILCOX, George Frederick  27 May 1910Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7441
44 WOOD, Albert Edward  Q1 1892Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9113
45 WOOD, Frank  Q2 1874Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2479
46 WOOD, George William  Q3 1890Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2482
47 WOOD, Harry  Q3 1870Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2478
48 WOOD, Lily  Q4 1876Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2480
49 WOOD, Shirley  Q2 1885Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2832


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Ernest Thomas  Mar 1968Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1744
2 BRITTAIN, David  7 May 1950Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2461
3 BRITTAIN, David Charles  Abt Jul 1984Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7438
4 BRITTAIN, Ellen  10 Feb 1980Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2836
5 BRITTAIN, Fred  18 Apr 2002Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2830
6 BRITTAIN, Lily  Abt Jul 2002Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7437
7 BRITTAIN, Margaret Elsie  Q1 1984Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7436
8 BRITTAIN, Rosa  Abt Oct 2002Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2827
9 HILTON, Susan Ellen .  3 Oct 1926Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1694
10 JONES, Jane Frances .  Jul/Aug/Sep 1902Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I402
11 TERRY, Alice  17 Jan 1938Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1721
12 WOOD, Clifford .  3 Jul 1896Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2473
13 WOOD, Clifford .  Q2 1945Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I966


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 TERRY, Ernest  Sep 1991Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3704


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BAKER, John Edward  5 Apr 1891Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  I961
2 KNOX, Arthur Blackwood  31 Mar 1901Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I260


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 WOOD, Sarah Jane .  31 Jan 1914Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I21


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKER / HOLTOM  Jul, Aug, Sep 1892Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F1040
2 BRITTAIN / ROBERTS  1917Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F2422
3 DAVIS / TERRY  1879Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F1350
4 KNOX / BAKER  Jul, Aug, Sep 1933Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F156
5 KNOX / JONES  Sep 1891Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F318
6 TERRY / HADLEY  Q3 1857Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F2154
7 WOOD / COBLEY  Q2 1888Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F934

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